Stonehenge, Salisbury

I took a day tour with Visit UK Trips to Stonehenge and Bath for around £38 for non-members. The package includes a roundtrip tour bus to the destinations and back to the origin, a tour guide, and an entrance ticket to Stonehenge. The bus picked us up at 6:15AM at the University of Warwick Bus Interchange and it also picked up other people along the way in Coventry and Birmingham. The bus journey to Stonehenge, Salisbury took around 2.5-3 hours and we got there at around 10AM. When we got off, it was ridiculously cold. I was glad I brought gloves because I knew I was going to be taking photos all day. We had the choice of either sticking around our tour guide or doing our own private tour with our friends and then meeting altogether at the bus at 11:30AM. I decided to do a private tour with my own group of friends because I needed time on my own to take photos.






In order to get to Stonehenge, we had to take a shuttle from the entrance, which took around 5-10mins. I was quite overwhelmed to witness one of the best known ancient wonders of the world, but literally after walking around the stone, I soon realized there was nothing more to do than that. I wish we were allowed to touch the stone or have a closer look, but we were restricted to get any closer. Despite that, I can finally say that seeing Stonehenge has now been officially checked off my bucket list. We met with our tour group at 11:30AM and headed to Bath, the city of the Great Roman Baths which you can read here.

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