National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Alicia is a fan of the ocean; therefore the best way to celebrate her love of the sea creatures is by visiting the aquarium.  The closest aquarium to Coventry is the National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham.  We bought the tickets online and chose the Basic Saver Package (£13.00).  If I have to be honest, I think that the price is not worth its value.  It took us less than an hour to walk around the whole facility while seeing very little creatures.  I was excited to see the octopus but I couldn’t find it in its tank.  There were very little variety of animals to see and thus I was disappointed.  Despite this unfortunate outcome, I do hope that money I have paid into this activity will be used to preserve the sea life in Birmingham and that the animals will continued to be treated well.  I must compliment the aquarium on their clean facilities and very friendly staffs, so I will not say that I have regretted making this trip.


Photo credits: Alicia Ma.

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham
The Waters Edge, 3 Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HL

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