London, UK

Ahh…London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times.  Once again, I took a coach with Mega Bus, with a three-hour journey from Coventry to London at about £20 for a round-trip ticket.  Since people often travel to London, I have seen Megas Bus offered tickets at £1.00 for one-way….ludicrous isn’t it?! If you prefer getting to London faster, there is also the train option, which costs a little bit more and the price depends on which day and hour you would like to travel.  The earlier you book in advance, the cheaper the tickets (normally, people book 1-2 weeks ahead for super cheap fares).

My friend and I also opted-out of the metro passes (oyster cards) and decided to walk throughout our trip in London, instead.  The reason being so was because most of the places we wanted to visit were close to each other, so walking was a convenient and cheap option; in addition walking also allowed us to just get lost and see the city in further depth.  The first place we visited was the Buckingham Palace, which was hellishly crowded.  We continued walking, walking passed different buildings we didn’t know, Hyde Park, and we ended up at the London Eye.  At the same time, we also saw Big Ben and we walked along the waters until we reached the Borough Market.


I had my first proper English fry-up for breakfast at a cafe somewhere in London.  My friend had a fish and chip and we both thought that our dishes were pretty decent.


While we were walking along the water near the London Eye, I came across this man who was selling poetry by donation.  I thought it was a brilliant idea because I loved poetry.  I asked him to write on the topic of unrequited love and he polished this up within 3 minutes!

Although I spent a lot of time in London, I cannot say that I have seen everything London has to offer, just yet.  Next time, I would definitely try traveling with the underground subway in order to get to the further part of London we couldn’t walk to.

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