Eating Good in Thailand

When you’re in Thailand, you have to eat as much as you can.  Not only are Thai food incredibly dirt cheap, they are absolutely one-of-a-kind.  I was born in Thailand, so when I went back this year, I already had a couple of dishes that I needed to have again.

A couple of things to remember when you’re eating in Thailand are: 1) Just try it! Even if the food looks scary or unappetizing, give it a try.  It would be a waste of your time and money to be all the way in an exotic country and not try and learn something different.  I can guarantee you that you will not regret it.  2) Be aware of possible food poisoning.  This happened to me almost every time I went to Thailand.  If you are from North America, Europe or anywhere with strict safe food laws, your stomach may not be able to handle foods in Thailand.  The reasons are either Thai food are extremely spicy or they’re dirty.  When I say dirty, it does not necessarily mean that the chefs have any ill intentions and added anything shady in there.  Most of the time, foods in Thailand are cooked different or are not washed properly–especially street foods in the open markets.  When you go to a night market, you’ll notice that they do not have a refrigerator or proper kitchen equipment to clean cooking utensils, so it is possible that food are not cleaned up to our typical Western standards.  Nevertheless, this is not a problem to Thai people, so please do not look down on how they cook because it’s been a tradition to them for decades and they will not plan to change unless the law does.  Also, Thai people can take it.  They eat these foods everyday and they will not get sick like myself because their bodies are accustomed to whatever they eat.  I got food poisoning from eating a dish that was too spicy for me.  It was embarrassing because I’m known to be able to handle any spicy foods; unfortunately, I was wrong and my body punished me for it.  A good advice I can give here is to also bring Food Poisoning Medication with you! You’ll thank me for it.

In no particular order, I have took a couple of photos of the dishes that I had in Thailand.  I don’t know some of the dishes’ names because I was out with my family and they ordered it.  But if some of these dishes do interest you, I would advise you to show the photo to the locals in Thailand and they would be gladly to help you.

What I Ate in Hua-Hin…


A typical soda is served in a plastic bag.


Papaya Salad AKA Som-Tum.


What I Ate in Songkhla & Satun…

When you go further south of Thailand, the food will become spicier and a little more exotic.  South of Thailand is famous for dishes such as Kaeng Som and Khao Mok Gai.  People in the south also love to wake up early in the morning to enjoy Yum Cha, or Dimsum, but with a Thai twist.  South of Thailand is also rich is Islamic culture, so there are a lot of amazing Middle Eastern fusion restaurants and dishes in the south like Roti or curry.  Honestly, I had the best foods during my st

Kaeng Som with Pad Kra Pao


Yum Cha or Dimsum


Khao Mok Gai
Roti with condensed milk and cocoa powder.


What I Ate in Chon Buri…

One popular chain restaurant and also my favourite place to eat in Thailand is a place called MK Restaurant. It’s a Chinese-influenced Hot-Pot restaurant but with half Thai dishes and half Chinese dishes.  They serves amazing roasted ducks and a cold herbal tea that I am obsessed with.  I also love how they use tea as a hot-pot soup base, which is a very healthy way of eating hot-pot.  Unlike other hot-pot restaurants I’ve tried, some places have very greasy and oily soups.  My grandparents were able to eat at this place because their bodies cannot handle greasy foods anymore, so MK was definitely a healthy choice for us to visit.  You can find MK restaurants almost anywhere in Thailand because it is super popular.

Another favourite dish of mine in Thailand is Khao Man Gai or famously known as Hainanese chicken rice.  I love eating this dish in Thailand the most because I grew up eating this when I was little so it brought back my childhood.  It is a very cheap dish and a staple of Thailand.  There’s just something different about this dish when you eat it in Thailand compared to other places.


Khao Man Gai
Pan-Fried Chive Cakes.
Mini brand-flavored cubes that are popular in Thailand.

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